2017 Youth of the Year Nominee

Adrian T. Colombani has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for the past 2 years. He currently works as an assistant in the Boys & Girls Club Kidz Klub program. He will graduate from Westfield High School this spring. Adrian has already been accepted to begin a doctoral program for physical therapy at Springfield College in the fall of 2017. He was a 2016 Springfield College Alumni Book Award recipient. 

Adrian volunteered 110 hours of his time to the local soup kitchen, nursing homes, and Boys & Club programs such as STEM Mentoring. In addition to his volunteer efforts, he is an active member of the Saint Mary’s Church congregation. He serves as band leader for the church’s youth band, “Soul Motive”. He is also an altar server and a CCD teacher. 

Adrian has been a positive role model for younger members during his time here at the Club. He understands the importance of leading by example, and uses his wit and musical ability to inspire kids to be themselves while actively engaging in their community. 

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